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Дискуссии о шансах вероятных кандидатов демпартии : Ал Гор VS. Хиллари Клинтон

    Among the Democratic candidates, the fact that many people, including former President Jimmy Carter, are urging Gore to run is also an indication that not all is sanguine on the Democratic side.

    Should Gore succumb to a draft it would be bad news for the Republicans.

    They might defeat Clinton because she is such a polarizing figure. Gore, who in 2000 won the most number of popular votes by one half million, would be very difficult to defeat.

    Many believe he was cheated out of his last race. That would give him an emotional edge this time. We shall see.

    (с) By Paul Weyrich, October 23, 2007

Paul Weyrich полагает что республиканцам здорово поплошает если Гор примет участие в гонке. По его мнению шансы Гора на победу будут выше чем у Хиллари Клинтон. Хиллари поляризует избирателей. У ней сильный слой приверженцев и столь же мощный слой избирателй ее на дух не переносят. Тогда как Гор не имеет такого заряда к себе неприязни - с одной стороны, а с другой можно вспомнить что за него проголосовало большинство американцев - на полмиллиона больше чем за Буша - в 2000 году.

Ему возражают некоторые - большинство - из участников об том дискуссии.

Ниже два характерной аргументации примера таких возражений.

    skep41 writes: Tuesday, October, 23, 2007 6:35 PM

    Gore's Not That Stupid. Gore's a doofus, he's a dolt,he has an ego the size of an endangered whale, Global Warmed Baloney has his picture on it but if Paul Weyrich thinks Gore's dumb enough to stand in front of the Clinton Crime Family's stampede towards The Big One he's dead wrong.

    There are the skeletons in Gore's closet from the eight years that he served as one of the Crime Family's yeggs and Nobel Prize or not they'll throw him into the wood-chipper MUY PRONTO if he makes a fuss.

    He might be concerned about the state of the oceans but that doesnt mean he wants to sleep with the fishes.The Clinton Crime Family is too close to the Big Enchilada to let a goof like that screw it up. Gore still must be wondering whether they set him up to lose in 2000 to pave Dragon Lady's way back to power. It aint gonna happen.

    King Liberal writes: Tuesday, October, 23, 2007 6:45 PM

    Gore Ain't Running. Why should he? He won an Oscar, an Emmy, a NOBEL PEACE PRIZE! With all the publicity he's gotten he knows he can effective shape policy from the sidelines without having to throw his hat in the ring. Plus he knows the value of a good DISTRACTION!

    If he can divert attention away from the election(Republican attention specifically) then he's done his job!

    Gore will contunue to work on the moderate to liberal wing of the Republican party and Independents with his Global Warming plan. As more and more moderate conservative buy in the natural progression siphons off votes to Hillary. Plus not being in the race also give him carte blanche to say whatever he wants to without having to worry about political damage.

    And lastly somebody tell the townspeople that Duncan Hunter doesn't have a chance. He will be the next person to drop out of the race. Ron Paul will hang in there longer than he will.

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