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Григорий Громов

U.S. - Better as a Socialist/Islamic Nation!

The United States has outlived its usefulness, and it is time to transform ourselves into the world’s leading socialist / Islamic nation. American citizens had their chance to prove their theory that capitalism and individual freedoms are the best way to operate a nation, but the results says otherwise. In spite of the freedoms, there are American citizens that are unhappy, and the fact that other nations dislike the United States provides the evidence that it is time for us to change our ways.

The world has indicated that socialism is the best way for people to live. The most popular leaders of today include a lineup of renowned socialist/communist leaders such as Castro, Ahmadinejad, Chavez, Kim, and bin Laden. These leaders are praised for the way they run their respective countries, and even our former president Carter raves about how much better the citizens of such nations have things as compared to the residents of the U.S.

Socialism eradicates the stench of capitalism and the dog eat dog nature that accompanies it. People dislike competition, and the United States is based on such a system. Competition unfairly hurts people that are not as capable as others might be, so competition as a business model has to be eliminated. All citizens should be guaranteed equal results regardless of effort or ability, and socialism makes that possible. When government agencies handle all of the decisions that have to be made, people are happier because they no longer have to deal with the burden of thinking for themselves.

Our transition is indeed possible since many of our current visionary leaders are willing to make such a change. They promote the idea that the government should have control over health care, wage standards for employees, educational curricula, the pricing of goods, and so forth. These leaders realize that such decisions are too important to be left up to individual citizens, whereas government approved agencies are more than capable of handling such tasks. Such a position is hard to dispute, for everyone knows that the most intelligent, diligent, and skilled workers are employees of government. Most private corporations can barely function, whereas government facilities are the epitome of efficiency.

Along with the shift to socialism, America needs to adopt an Islamic face. The Muslim world is going to tangle with us until we succumb to their demands, so it is best to toss in the towel and conform to whatever standards the Mullahs dictate. The citizens of the United States risk personal harm if they refuse to adopt sharia law, so in the interest of safety, it is best if the United States becomes an Islamic nation. By turning the control of the country over to Muslims, we are assured of a land that will no longer commit acts that Muslims find offensive.

The status quo has the United States as a capitalist, secular nation. In contrast, the world would prefer us as a socialistic Islamic nation. Since our primary focus should be on getting along with the rest of the world, it only makes sense that we should transform into the type of nation that others prefer us to be. Socialism and strict Islamic law have always proven to be popular with people, so we should do what the world wants and convert to such an entity.

Source: "The Wisdom of Loyal Democrat". Saturday, July 14, 2007 2:56 AM

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