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Мир в ожидании торжественного вручения Нобелвской Премии

которая в эту пятницу найдет следующего -истинного соответствующего своему предназначению героя - Ал Гора.

Совсем недавно - несколько лет назад после отставки с поста Вице-президента при Клинтоне  и поражении на выборах в 2000 году от Буша - казалось что Гор совсем ушел из политики. Он отрастил бороду и  завел маленький семейный бизнес - скромный ресторан.

Однако недого продолжалось это его затворничество. Человек который еще не так давно убедил Била Клинтона подписать "Киотский Протокол", обязываающий все страны мира  скидываться на ремонт провала  или в данном случае земной оси, чтоб не скрипела и не нагревала атмосферы, не мог втуне топить в кетчупе провинциального ресторана свой талант первооткрывателя.

Гора нашли, кому положено, выволокли - на глазах растерянной жены - из того ресторана, немедленно побрили умыли и едли во фрак. В лимузине который вез его на съемочную площадку  Ал Гор узнал,  почему ему было так жарко у плиты на кухне. В мире потому что и вообще идет потепление. Его следующая задача - с этим справиться. Об этом и будет кино с ним в главной роли.

Кино сняли - плуичл Оскара. Потом - тут же, без потери темпа - следующая кинонаграда, премия  Emmy  и ... вот в эту пятницу ожидается следующая ступень мирового признание - ему вручат Премия им.Картера- Арафата в простонародье все еще порой называемую  Нобелевской  премией Мира.

Al Gore: Oscar, Emmy and now Nobel Peace Prize?

Monday, October 8th, 2007

Al Gore is frontrunner for a Nobel Peace Prize for advocacy in global warming

By Juontel White


HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Today) 10/9/07—Al Gore is said to be the leading candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize this year, not usually given to environmental activists. In fact not usually given to anyone who hasn’t helped avert a war – only 94 have ever been given to individuals.

The Nobel will add to an increasingly unusual trophy shelf for a politician. The former U.S. vice president will receive an Emmy on Nov. 19 in New York from the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences for launching the cable/satellite TV channel, Current TV and being a leading advocate for climate change.

He also won an Oscar for “An Inconvenient Truth” and has won numerous accolades for his global warming work.

Gore qualifies for the world’s most prestigious award, the Nobel Peace Prize, based upon this advocacy work.

“I think climate change is the biggest challenge we face in this century,” Boerge Brende, former Norwegian minister of environment and of trade, told The Associated Press.

“Al Gore, like no other, has put climate change on the agenda. Gore uses his position to get politicians to understand,” said Brende.

Politicians have won before, such as Jimmy Carter, Mandela, ... and ... Yasser Arafat — usually ones who actively worked on peace treaties or human rights.

But then again, they don’t have Oscars. An Inconvenient Truth exposed the drastic acceleration of global warming and its potential to affect human life.

Gore’s climate change campaign also included measures he pushed for and supported while serving under President Bill Clinton. Measures like the Kyoto Treaty were international agreements meant to create laws to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.



Britney and Paris Are Inconvenient Truths for Al Gore

Britney Spears, Al Gore, Paris Hilton

Al Gore thinks Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and O.J. Simpson are getting in the way of saving the earth.

The former vice president was honored on Friday night at the Oceana Partners Awards Gala in Los Angeles. After being presented with his award by Anjelica Huston, Gore complained that the media didn’t give enough coverage to the recent release of a study that warns the polar ice caps could melt in just a few years, a galagoer tells me.

“Gore said there should be a huge alarm going off all over, and it should be front-page news,” the galagoer reports. “But when he looked in the paper, all he saw was Britney Spears losing custody of her kids, O.J. in trouble with the law again and Paris Hilton on the Late Show. He said he didn’t know what else to do anymore to get this message across.”

He may not realize it, but Mr. Gore may have a friend in Hilton. The hotel heiress recently proclaimed that her Entourage pal Adrien Grenier has been advising her on how she could be greener.

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Al Gore trumps Christopher Columbus

Written by Don Davis Story written: 09 October 2007

Al Gore's most recent unauthorized biography "I Invented That" claims Al Gore not only invented the Internet but also invented North America long before Christopher Columbus discovered it.

In Anton Tarpley's riveting book he claims that in a previous plane of existence Al Gore was the famous Architect Angel "Erogla". Erogla was an Angel from the little known excluded book of the bible "Posterus" which means "Next". It's also sometimes referred to as "Genesis 2.0".

In the book of Posterus the details of the six days it took to create the heavens and the Earth are documented to very minute detail (it's a very large book which also explains its exclusion). Included in Posterus is the decision to make Unicorns taste like Teriyaki Chicken which led to their eventual extinction.

In Posterus the Architect Angel "Erogla" was responsible for the creation of North America, the Canary Islands and two of the Earths moons. The two elaborate moons were designed to orbit the Earth in such a manner as to keep the entire planet at a very comfortable 72 degrees year-round. But, do to budgetary concerns the moons were never constructed.

The book also claims that Al Gore's previous lives included the inventions of the Bagpipes, underwear and Lawn Gnomes.

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Al Gore's Solution To Global Warming

Written by Andrew Lawrence

(Washington) - Former Vice President, Oscar winner and global warming activist, Al Gore, today announced he has found the solution to the global warming crisis.

He claims that the solution to global warming is global air conditioning.

Mr. Gore urged all Americans to turn on their air conditioning, turn it up to its highest setting, open all doors and windows, and cool off the planet.

Gore states, "It's a matter of science. I've paid 3 prominent scientists and the air conditioning industry lobbyists to agree that global warming can be reversed, in as little as 30 days, by global air conditioning.

When asked about the increased energy costs for low income consumers who would be running their air conditioners for 30 days Mr. Gore replied, "I don't know anything about low income people. You'll have to ask John Edwards about that, he speaks for the poor."

Al Gore will be embarking on a 10-city speaking tour promoting global air conditioning. At $150,000 a speech, he will net himself a "cool" $1.5 million.


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