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If Gore is Right... I'm Henry the VIII, I am!

By JB Williams, NewsByUs.Com - Boise, Idaho - Sunday March 25, 2007

Liberals prefer the religion of science, scientist saviors and nutcase professional failure Al Gore as their prophet… As for the rest of us, a good dose of common sense reality will keep the fruitcake fear-driven global nightmare freaks away.

God how I yearn for the 60’s styled liberals who cared only about good rock-n-roll, free sex and cheap pot. The modern crop of “America is the evil empire” liberals, always in search of the next opportunity to scare average Americans into voting themselves federal tyranny, make Marx and Lenin look conservative.

If crackpot secular socialist prophet Al Gore is right about his Global Warming fear mongering, then Henry the VIII I am – I am, I guess.

Gore Claim – Earth is warming at such an alarming rate that it poses an immediate imminent threat to all of mankind.

In other words, all of humanity is in immediate danger of certain extinction from warmer weather? What a frightening thought! Such a claim certainly demands immediate attention and action. Think of all the tropical paradises that will no longer see massive seasonal migrations of those seeking a warmer climate? Vacation habits will forever change life in places around the globe completely dependent upon the annual visit of sun worshipers.

Is it true? The fact is, it depends upon which time frame one chooses to use when comparing earths surface temperature shifts. There is no getting around the fact that earth has been warmer in the past, long before human beings started pumping CO2 into the atmosphere. It has also been colder in the past. In fact, a short thirty years ago, scientists were just as frantic and certain about a coming “ice age” as they are about “global warming” today. But who’s counting?

I’m not a scientist, so go research it for yourself if you want the hard data. It’s everywhere…except in Al Gore’s horror flick.

Gore Claim – Human beings, greedy cigar smoking, SUV driving, CO2 spewing, fat cat American capitalists to be specific, are the cause of this impending global catastrophe.

Yet, two very well known facts say something quite different.

First, real scientists, not Al Gore who must have found his degree in climatology in his morning bowl of Coo Coo for Cocoa Puffs, have repeatedly pointed out that it is not fat cat America, but indeed the “poor” nations of the world who are spewing the most CO2 into earth’s atmosphere. This would seem to indicate that exporting American greed and capitalism to the third world would improve the situation, rather than importing third world notions and standards of living to America.

Second, real scientists (not Al Gore) have also long since established that of all the CO2 present in earth’s atmosphere, human behaviors account for only approximately (broadly approximate I’m sure) 3% of that CO2.

This means that even if the world-wide population cuts its CO2 emissions by half, 50%, which is an impossible task today and for the foreseeable future, unless we want to return to living in caves and driving Flintstone cars, we would only reduce earth’s CO2 count by less than 1.5%. A fraction of what it would take to make any notable difference at all.

Gore claim – The Science community has reached a consensus and the debate on global warming, its causes and its affects, is over.

Fact - far from it! UK television channel 4 recently aired a very controversial special titled The Great Global Warming Swindle which is totally at odds scientifically with every assertion in Gore’s award winning crockumentary and it is actually better supported by scientific research, not to mention common sense and reality.

Of course, international leftists pushing the global warming swindle were fast to disagree and launch their full scale attack on all scientists who hold a differing opinion on the subject.

Gore claim – American fat cat capitalists must change their greedy self-indulgent lifestyles or perish.

All fat cat Americans except Al Gore that is, who continues to single handedly burn more energy than fifty average Americans combined, without apology. The hypocrisy is so overwhelming that even leftists on board Gore’s global warming fear train can’t overlook it. Though they are fast to point out that prophet Al Gore is no average American and therefore, must not be held to the same standards he has established for all the common folks.

Common sense should tell even the average scientifically challenged onlooker that Gore is full of hot air. So much so, that it is possible that Gore himself might actually be personally responsible for the 1-2 degree increase in earth’s temperature since his birth. There’s no bigger gasbag on the planet frankly and he never shuts up.

Liberal claim – Gore is a genius and their chosen global prophet.

The circus of a congressional hearing the other day was a valuable demonstration in exactly why liberals can not be trusted in positions of intelligent inquiry and decision making. It was a fruited plain of Gore loving Bush bashers singing “Death to Capitalism” in unison as they rallied around a man who might be ready for an extra long sleeved jacket and a rubber room.

Gore refused to enter the room on time to avoid cross examination, refused to deliver his transcript in time for anyone to read it before his testimony so that nobody could quiz him on the quality (or lack thereof) of the content, demanded twice the time allotted to anyone else for his insanely melodramatic opening statement and generally looked more like a guy headed to rehab than a credible source on anything, throughout his self-indulgent grandstanding.

He’d be up for another Oscar if it weren’t for already being upstaged by an even better actor earlier in the week, Valerie (I was too a secret agent girl) Plame.

But hey…if common sense is no more common than this today, no wonder Democrats took both houses of congress last year

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