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Засилье левых либералов в американской системе образования

убивает американское образование.
              "То, что в стране каждый дворник в совершенстве знает английский язык, еще не значит, что это хороший показатель уровня образования в стране. Взять хотя бы ту же Англию, ... " (c)

Уровень обучения в американских школах постоянно снижается, при том что расходы из бюджета на школьное обучение быстро растут. Либералы прекрасно понимают, что являются причиной этого процесса, а потому вся их энергий фокусируется на борьбе c видимыми обществу симптомами болезни системы образования.

Например, когда в течение ряда лет внимание "обеспокоенной общественности" Калифорнии было привлечено к тому факту, что дети с домашним образованием сдают экзамены много лучше тех их сверстников - из сопоставимых социально групп - кто учится в государственных школах, то профсоюз учителей надавил на того времени губернатора Грея Девиса - избран был на этот пост от демпартии и фактически находился в кармане профсоюза учителей - и было приянто решение, по котрому домашнее обучение лишалось равноправного с школьным статуса и соответственно сравнивать уровень обучения в госшколах стало не с чем.

Об этом факте, и ряде иных того же ряда историй поэтапного отравления школьной системы Америки захватившим её леволиберальным профсоюзом обсуждаются на одном из посвященных данной теме право-консервативных форумов. Ниже тезисы которые предалает для обсуждения участник форума под ником wiseone:
    Liberal policies have wrecked education

    In the '60's the US had one of the best educational systems in the world. Today we have one of the worst. And the difference has been the imposition of liberal policies.

    1. It used to be illegal for public employees to strike. But in the late sixties a judge decided it should be OK. Since then virtually all public school teachers have become unionized. And the cost of hiring them has steadily gone up while the quality of our education system has gone down. The two national teachers unions are the 2nd and 4th largest contributors to the DNC.

    2. This point is for ken. Liberals have imposed the policy of "social promotion" on the system. Students are promoted from one grade to the next because the system is more worried about their "self-esteem" than whether they are learning the material. Kids may be lacking education, but they're not stupid. They quickly figure out that they will be promoted and eventually graduate onschedule whether they do the work or not, so why work? This indoctrinated attitude persists when they get jobs as young adults. They think they're being paid to be there and can't believe they are actually expected to work for their paycheck.

    3. Regarding complaints about parents. Parenting is tough enough for two biological parents who are committed to each other and their children above all else. Yet liberal doctrine (mostly feminist) dictates that single motherhood must be socially acceptable. Hence we have women (and girls) living alone with little or no skills to earn a living and trying to raise one or more children. Women who can't even pay the rent and feed themselves on what they can earn in the job market trying to raise kids and participate in their education. Fewer than 30% of all children are living with their biological parents. Education is one of many things in kids' lives that just don't work well this way.

    4. For PJ, who noted that school administrators seem more concerned with attendance than with achievement. This is because government aid is based on attendance and not achievement. Pay for the district, and indirectly for the administrators and teachers, is based on attendance, not achievement. So administrators don't want ken and PJ to be flunking students because they might get low self-esteem and drop out, thus reducing government funding. This is also why hooliganism is tolerated more than it should be. If you expel all the troublemakers your funding will be reduced.

    5. The essence of liberal attitudes on education was exemplified about 8 or 9 years ago in Detroit. The community got together to rebuild the city and its image. As part of the initiative citizens volunteered their labor and local businesses volunteered their products and services to spruce up the schools during summer break. Everyone had a great feeling of hope and anticipation as the start of the new school year approached.

    So how did the teachers show their appreciation for this? They called a totally unanticipated strike two days before the start of school. Nobody even knew they had a grievance when the strike ws announced. Their attitude was epitomized by a teacher who dismissed the freebies the community had given the schools by saying "A few buckets of paint. Big deal." And the 'quality' of the teachers in the district was apparently captured on the sign of a picketing teacher, which responded to the latest offer from the district with "No way Hosay" (even poster hosekuervo knows this is NOT how you spell Jose). But by the late '90's it was not uncommon for teachers to be ignorant and not the least bit apologetic about it.

    6. Public shooling in California is so bad that home-schooled children beat public school kids by a wide margin on statewide achievement tests. The state's reaction? They outlawed home schooling so public schools wouldn't have to bear the embarassment and humiliation. This was done by one of the most liberal legislatures anywhere and by political hack governor Gray Davis who was virtually owned by the state's public employee unions.

    Don't tell me that the collapse of education in this country is not a liberal legacy.


Золотое правило поиска причин практически любой катастрофы / преступления и пр. серьезных неприятностей : “Cherchez la femme” - "Ищите женщину". В американской политике того же смысла правило звучит уже многие годы несколько иначе - Ищите Картера

Участник того же - вышецитированного - форума под ником Take Back the Government отмечает что Джимми Картер серьезно усугубил кризис американской системы образования. Он создал в Америке Министерство Образования.

Цель создания этой бюрократической структуры была все того же смысла, как и все что делал Картер во время его пребывания в Белом доме. В ланном случае им по сути был создан государственный орган с основной задаче искусственного насаждения в школах средств пропаганды лево-либерального толка (Socialist Political Correctness), чтобы превратить со временем американскую систему образования в питомник для выращивания избирателей гарантированно для демпартии.
    Carter created the Dept. of Education an overbloated government bureaucracy, in order to bring about the propagandistic Socialist Political Correctness indoctrination of America's youth in order to sustain the Democratic Party into perpetuity.

    Reagan's desire was to eliminate this bureaucracy as well as Carter's other useless monstrous creation, the Department of Energy, but he was fighting an impossible battle against a heavily entrenched Democratic Congress and Senate for most of his two terms.

    The Department of Education today has become lined to the gills with heavily Democrat-voting teachers unions like the AFT and the NEA. Many of these same unionized, Democrat-voting teachers also work tirelessly for the Democratic Party at campaign time and even often man voting booths at public schools around the country at election time.

    It is senseless to continue supporting public schools; in doing so, the GOP has committed political suicide and has rendered two entire generations of school kids bright future careers at McDonald's if they can just count the change right.

    Today's public schools are nothing more than a glorified government childcare, welfare, food stamp program, and babysitting service all rolled into one for mostly the benefit of Democrat-voting career women and single mothers, who welcome the government's handout - to hell with their children's future and the teaching of moral precepts and logical thought processes. Our schools should all be PRIVATIZED.

    Churches too need to step up to the plate and offer more Christian-based education to our youth. Corporations need to make charitable tax-deductible donations to privatized schools to provide assitance for poor families to send their kids to privatized schools.

    The operative questions are of course, "Is it too late to save our country?" and "Do we have any TRUE CONSERVATIVE Congressmen or Senators left who have enough of the Ronald Reagan 'vision thing' anymore and the necessary political majority to actually propose this legislation and get it to pass before it's too late?"

    Quite to the contrary, there is a dearth of real, original, out-of-the-box, passionately revolutionary, visionary thinking in the GOP today. The only revolutionary brilliant idea is the Fair Tax legislation that the GOP stalled in committee even when they had the Committee chairmanship and 56 GOP Congressmen supported it.

    Our kids are being raised in a moral, intellectual, and spiritual vacuum, in incubators of Political Correctness and Leftwing Proganda and lies known as the Public School System. They are literally being BRAINWASHED right before our very eyes.

    What is Corporate America's solution?

    No problem; let's just get some intellectual talent overseas. Hell, while we're at it, let's get NAFTA and CAFTA passed with our elected paid-off high-priced political whores in DC and ship both our jobs and our manufacturing facilities overseas. While we're at it, let's incorporate elesewhere, too, so we don't have to be bothered with future problems with those exorbitant taxes. Let's just become a WORLD company because America clearly cannot foot the bill with the anti-business Democrats having already destroyed EVERYTHING there including the dumbing down ofthe labor pool.

    In America, like the ignorant, public-school-educated fools that most of us are, we believe that we should continue electing mostly lawyers to our government. Our Congressmen and Senators - both parties included - are comprised of around 61% lawyers. Unscrupulous lawyers are the last people on Earth who understand the requirements of a "technical" education and the necessity of a "technical" education for the viability of a nation.

    All they understand is the necessity of the next handout to get re-elected to control their little fiefdoms. If that handout comes from the NEA or the AFT, so be it; it's all just good ol' green money to them. DC must be razed if we ever expect to see again the greatness that once was America.

    I believe I readsomewhere that America has lost 54% of her manufacturing base in this country to overseas manufacturing and American companies deserting this country in droves. We have grown too comfortable in our creature comforts and consumerism and have become intellectually lazy. We have valued "emotional" intelligence far too much more than "logical" intelligence.

    Is there any wonder why the Democrats won in 2006? We have allowed ignorance to reign supreme.

    Our young impressionable men and women worship Hollywood twits, airheads, numbskulls, and batshit crazy dingbats. Stupidity is now "chic". Our borders have been overrun with more idiots to secure the Democrats victory.

    Our own culture which once valued intelligence now eschews and ostracizes the nerd. Our economy has been transformed seemingly overnight to a service-oriented economy. America is no longer even in the top ten list of nations most attractive to investors. All of this bodes horribly for our future. An MIT site said the following about Chinese Engineering education:

    "About 40 percent of the degrees awarded by Chinese higher education institutions are in engineering, much higher than the world average."

    In America, I would guesstimate that 40% of degrees earned in American colleges are in Business-oriented fields. Not bad for a service-oriented economy, eh?

    The kids in college today aren't necessarily stupid; they know that the engineering jobs don't pay as well as business jobs.

    It's an American cultural thing they understand all too well.

    If America doesn't want to pay her engineers well for their extremely harder degrees, then she gets what she deserves - a service-oriented economy and the loss of eventually all of her manufacturing base.

    Eventually, engineering will be an almost obsolete profession in the United States. Thanks, Democrats!

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