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Торжество "Всемирного Потепления" -- No break from the snow in New York

Al Gore unveils new term "hot snow"

Gore: " the higher the snow, the greater the Global Warming effect ! "

 Redfield Volunteer Fire Department volunteers shovel snow off their roof in Redfield, N.Y., Sunday. Lake-effect squalls have dumped nearly 10 feet of snow on parts of the state in the past week. Redfield Volunteer Fire Department volunteers shovel snow off their roof in Redfield, N.Y., Sunday. Lake-effect squalls have dumped nearly 10 feet of snow on parts of the state in the past week.

By David Duprey, AP
Dave Chase, left, and Ken Capstraw clear snow from a roof in Parish, N.Y., Saturday.

Похоже что Господь решил покарать Гора,  а заодно и всю эту цитадель мировогу либерализма тоже.

Накаркали? Остыньте, ребята. 

Потом - через лет тыщу или мульен -  все равно наступит потепление. Как еще можно либералу хоть что объяснить? Никак.

Абсолютный рекорд уровня снега - за всю писаную историю города - в НьюЙорке: break the all-time state record!

Поползли слухи, что это и есть та самая долгожданная реакция небесной канцелярии над непрерывно её циничными оскорблениями авторами панамы по имени "всемирное потепление"

Снег будет валить покамест Гора отыщут в коридорах  Нобелевского Комитета, где он нынче хлопочет чтоб премию за потепление не отказали а выдали, привезут в НЙ и посадят на ночь в сугроб поглубже. Тогда к утру снег может остановится. Иначе никак. Весь завалит. Торги на бирже под угрозой - вот в чем проблема. - остальное то ладно, пусть их.

By Monica Hortobagyi and Alan Gomez, USA TODAY

Upstate New York is getting hit today with fresh bands of additional snow, while the Midwest faces sleet and snow from a storm that is heading to the East Coast.

Snow is falling again today in upstate New York. Unofficially, squalls that have been pummeling the state for more than a week have dumped 12 feet, 2 inches of snow at Redfield.

If accurate, that would break the state record of 10 feet, 7 inches of snow that fell in nearby Montague over seven days ending Jan. 1, 2002, said Steve McLaughlin, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Buffalo.A weather service representative was being sent to Redfield on Monday to verify the total.

But relief is in sight: The persistent snow bands are forecast to come to an end later today.

Meanwhile, in the Midwest, a storm dropped up to a foot of snow through Illinois, Indiana and Ohio. It was due to reach the East Coast by Tuesday.

The snow that began falling at regular intervals since Feb. 3 along Lake Ontario piled up a reported 136 inches in Redfield, 115 inches in Parish and 103 inches in Mexico.

Storms passing over the Great Lakes pick up large amounts of moisture and heat, resulting in heavy snowfalls.

Mark Ressler, senior meteorologist for The Weather Channel, said if the snowfall in Redfield is confirmed, it would break the all-time state record for a lake-effect storm of 127 inches in nearby Montague in 2001.

"When you're dealing with places that have had close to 10 feet of snow, I don't know how much it's going to bother them at this point," Ressler said.

In New York's Oswego County, a state of emergency had been declared. Tony Ilacqua, a spokesman with the New York State Department of Transportation, said 125 road workers have been working 12-hour shifts to clear roadways.

"Sometimes we do about eight to 10 hours of continuous plowing," said Dave Chapman, owner of Gristmill Restaurant in Parish. "You start at one point in the parking lot and finish at another, and by the time you're done, you need to plow again right where you started."

Roofs have buckled beneath the snow's weight.

"A few days ago, we were sleeping in our house, and our roof caved in and our neighbors had to tunnel in to get us out," said Richard Shanahan, a cook at Daddy Ed's Restaurant in Mexico.

In some places in Oswego County, the snow piles meet the edge of the roof.

"My kids were jumping off the roof because the snow is pretty much level with it," said Cheryl Maynes, a waitress at Daddy Ed's Restaurant.

The snowfall has even created a new section at the Gristmill Restaurant.

"We call the booths by the window 'Avalanche Seating' cause you can't see out of the windows," Chapman said.

Contributing: The Associated Press: http://www.usatoday.com/weather/stormcenter/2007-02-12-ny-snow_x.htm

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