Григорий Громов (abcdefgh) wrote,
Григорий Громов

Зал ожидания в аэропорту проходят солдаты -- возвращаются домой...

Эпизод на видео внизу похож на тот, который наблюдал в прошлом году. Постил тогда картинку, кажется. Не совсем так чтобы уж точно, но во многом аналогично по общему в аэропорту настрою все это выглядело. :

airport: welcome GIs

Ниже примеры комментариев по сути двух разных точек зрения про основную мысль этого видео - от авторов комментариев с разных сторон Атлантики - каждая из которых вполне характерна наверное для своего слоя публики из числа как водится самых разномастных в таких гостевых книгах высказываний, которые оставляют зрители на страничках, для того видеохостами обычно и предусматриваемых:

  • God Bless our Troops. They are willing to sacrifice their lives to protect us ... the United States Military is the finest in the world.

  • My brother is a Marine, I don't agree with Bush at all but when it comes to our military, ... I support our troops, ... because they have to go there and fight... Americans, we are proud not of our government, but our country and our strength.

  • If you really think that Bush is a terrible president, then why did you American idiots reelect him? Although America finally woke up in the 2006 elections by kicking the Republicans out, much less damage would have been done if you voted Bush out of office back in 2004.

  • More evidence that they UK is producing half wit inbred pig fuckers by the boat load,how will they survive when all their real men are in Afghanistan?

  • Yep.. thanks for selling out America and fighting Israel's dirty wars for them.

  • ... they still continue to fight for what they believe in, you're a coward so you could never understand.

  • LOL! another flag-waving american cliche ... can you tell me what exactly we are thanking them for?

  • Is the British educational system so flawed as to produce an unevolved anal spore such as you? Why bother lying? ... Yes I'm American, and I wave a flag, there is no shame in that and it is not a cliche to me. You are ... the useless idiot.

  • dear troops, you shall forever be remembered for your inabillity to think for yourselves and how easily brainwashed with patriotism you were.

  • You're mildly retarded, right? Soldiers don't make foreign policy you fucking coward.

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