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I am frustrated because I know going into Iraq was the correct strategic decision.

    But for some reason, our administration decided to do the occupation in an utterly incompetent manner.

    If we had just kept the Iraqi Army and police intact, been willing to put in 200,000 more troops for the duration of the occupation, and made sure every unemployed Iraqi man had a job, we could have cut off the insurgency before it even started.

    We would have made that first step towards a democratic Middle East. We would have struck fear in the hearts of our enemies. We would have created a close ally in the country that occupies perhaps the most strategic piece of land in the world.

    But we didn't. A suspension of reality and an unwillingness to engage our enemies in total war instead created an environment where the skeptics have an opening to declare their victory by our defeat.

    Meanwhile our president is either unwilling and unable both to articulate the stakes in the conflict and give the American people reason to continue to make the investment.
    by J.B. Smith. He served in Iraq from December 2004 to September 2005 as an advisor to three Iraqi Infantry Battalions.

    He previously served on active duty from 1992-1999 in the US, Korea, Germany and Bosnia. He lives with his family in North Carolina.


В сам деле, совершенно не понятно о чем думали люди, которые распускали иракскую армию - целиком сдавщуюся практически без сопротивления - и полицию?

Как предполагалось что эти профессиональные солдаты и полицейские - которые ничего не умеют, кроме своих специфически военных и полицейских искусств - будут находить себе пропитание?

И как с другой стороны предполагалось что будет сохраняться порядок в стране ... без армии и полиции?

Вот о чем бы парламентские слушания уместно было провести. А о чем вместо того демпартия, пока в оппозиии сидела бузили, а теперь и тем более? Не говоря уже про республиканцев.

Далее был следующий коммент - из многих иных показавшийся примечательным - к вышецитированному посту:

    ... Major news sources like CNN, BBC, AP and Reuters not only aid terrorists in the region by publishing propaganda, they also have been caught staging stories/photos, using nonexistent sources and altering photos.

    These supposedly trusted sources for real news failed their audiences and poured gasoline on an already raging fire.

    This is my third year in Iraq as a US Soldier. I volunteered for the last 2 years because the cause is just and necessary. You only need to spend an afternoon with my many Shi’a, Sunni and Kurdish friends in Iraq to understand this.

    Unfortunately, unless the new management here can make significant changes quickly, we all might as well go home.

    When I was a young 2LT, an older Major once told me. You can not expect to change the system from the outside. I have stayed and made some minor changes within my capabilities. Everyone else must work within the system to do the right thing. Do not resign your commission, but help to change the direction of the military and our country.

    Bob writes at January, 07, 2007 3:08 AM

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