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Григорий Громов

Так почему все-таки большиство еврев всегда голосуют за дем-партию в Америке

Ниже цитируется точка зрения высказанная на одном из блогов в разговоре, который исходно возник по поводу книги Картера, но видимо представляет интерес сам по себе безотносительно повода:

    ... The fact that 85% of Jewish voters chose the party of Keith Ellison, Jim Moran, Cynthia McKinney, Dhimmi Carter, keffiyeh-wearing
    Howard Dean, and John Conyers is nothing to brag about, although it does refute the slur that Jews are 15-20 IQ points smarter than the rest of us. You extol as virtues a group of fools who entrust their future to their enemies, just like the atheistic, communist Jews (e.g Bukharin and Zinoviev) who willingly allowed themselves to be show-trialed and executed by Stalin "for the good of the party."

    i know of whom i speak.

    i was raised by them, lived among them, went to school with them, still work with them everyday.
    they do not believe in God.

    they do believe in the democrat party. and they do believe that Israel can make peace with her neighbors if only she would be nicer to them and give them what they want.

    they are in denial that the VAST majority of Arabs and Muslims want only one thing: the destruction of israel.

    this is not merely a sujection and untestable assertion by me based on my everyuday experiences for the last 45 years.

    all polls bear this out. PEOPLE - who cote democrat are overwhelmingly non-participants in religion. they barely attend church or synagogue.

    they do not pray everyday. they think that people who do are dumb - throwbacks.

    if you want to see what a nation looks like that's run by atheistic socialists desiring to turn society into utopia and desirng to make their economy a workers paradise and desiring to give everyone free health care and pensions, then look at the USSR or Cuba or Zimbabwe.

    these atheistic socialistic utopianistic paradises - ALL HELL ON EARTH.

    as are all places ruled by fanatical islam.

    socialism and radical islam are the two evil enemies of human liberty and prosperity.

    we need to defeat them both.

    the policies advocated by people like carter and pelosi and murtha dean and conyers et al
    would make us weaker and our enemies stronger.

    they would damage our economy and make us weaker.

    these are facts - not feelings based on me being a "cult jews" whatever the fuck you think that means. asshole.

    why don;lt you google david brooks and find his annotated essay on the hereditary factor involving party-ID.

    jews have overwhelmingly dem party-ID ONLY because their GRANDPARENTS did. party affiliation is OVERWHELMINGLY INHERITED, just like one's religious sect.

    therefore, it is s freakin' FACT that most jews vote dem ONLY because their parents did.

    getting them to see the light is hard work.

    its one of the major reasons i blog.

    no get out of my saloon and don't come back!
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