Григорий Громов (abcdefgh) wrote,
Григорий Громов

разговоры случается разговариваю с либералами

пусть даже и на моем "broken English".

Вот и опять щас нахожуся в процессе одного такого разговора с забредшим видать что по случаю в дебри правой блогосферы левым либералом:
    >I hate to break this to you deluded right-wingers, but you do NOT have a majority - America's people proved that quite firmly at the mid-term elections. If you base all your policies on the delusions that they are what the people want (whether they say it or not!)then you are ignoring our countries Democratic system and running a dictatorship - Oh wait, that's what Bush is already doing!

    by Ben at December 30, 2006


It looks like you don't care about basic rules of "our countries Democratic system". Let me remind you how it works.

The congress-men/women were elected according to our choices and political preferences. Now they will work with President Bush even you dont like him.

They all together will decide what to do in Iraq, Afganistan and aroud the globe. Their mutial goal #1 is to keep you, me and all other our citizens safe and secure in our houses.

Don't you like the way "our countries Democratic system" works? Call your congressman!

Perhaps you will find better ideas.

About 70% percent of the people who voted for Sen. Joe Lieberman were against Iraq war. All of them did know his position in this regards.

They voited for Joe with great margin against his opponent who loudly spoke about his opposition to Iraq war.

You suppose that people of Connecticut love "dictatorship"?

There is not such "Democratic system" that works by Gallup polls. Try to understand what is the difference between the real "Democratic system" that works at any Western countries and "dictatorship".

Our system is not perfect but any other ... worst. Winston Churchill told about it by some other words but hopefully you understand what I mean any way.
А вот как на самом то деле правильно было бы отвечать:
      >Oh wait, that's what Bush is already doing!

      Bennie, comments like the above only serve to diminish your credibility. Of course, your entire post did that anyway.

      Your midterm "landslide" was nothing, Benjie. It gave your party a majority, not the right to set foreign policy.

      Maybe in 2008, you'll get your Hitlery, and then you can try and advance your kook agenda.

      Remains to be seen, but until then, you're just another idiot kook, trolling where you don't belong. Have a nice day, SFB...

      by Obama-sama has Big Ears of Corn at December 31

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