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BBC admits: We are biased on religion and politics

LONDON – The British Broadcasting Corporation has been struggling for several years against criticisms and claims of biased reporting concerning the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and distorted coverage of the global fight against terror...

An internal memo, recently discovered by the British media, revealed what the BBC has been trying to hide. Senior figures admitted in a recent 'impartiality' summit that the BBC was guilty of promoting Left-wing views and anti-Christian sentiment.

Most executives admitted that the corporation’s representation of homosexuals and ethnic minorities was unbalanced and disproportionate, and that it leaned too strongly towards political correctness, the overt promotion of multiculturalism, anti-Americanism and discrimination against the countryside.

Okay to trash Bible, not Quran

... For the purpose of illustration, the executives were given a scenario in which Jewish Comedian Sasha Baron Cohen would participate in a program titled ‘Room 101’, a studio program where guests would be asked for their opinions on different issues, and allowed to symbolically throw things they hated in a garbage bin.

The executives were asked what they would do if Cohen decided to throw ‘Kosher food’, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Bible, and the Quran in the garbage bin.

The executives said they would allow everything to be thrown in the garbage bin, save the Quran, for fear of offending the British Muslim community...

Source: http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3318582,00.html

Комментарии к этой статье телезрителей ВВС из Англии и др. стран:

BBC bias
I am not Jewish. I am English and I have repeatedly complained to the BBC about, among other things, its blatant and highly dangerous anti-Israeli bias.

Its political, social and religious (ethnic) bias is not lost on most Britons but sadly the country is run by a liberal-left "elite" which bases its leftism on self-loathing, appeasement, and desperate attempts to atone for supposed guilt.

This is so embedded in the governing and media classes that the country no longer has any moral leadership and is, in my opinion, about to descend into a Balkan-style abyss of "multi-cultural" fragmentation.

Do you think anyone will apologise for the destruction they have wrought on my country, a country based on Romano-Judeo-Christian belief and culture?
Simon , Oxford, England (10.23.06)

Putting Bible into trash is "Political correct"???
Is this really one of the most important western TV-corporations? I'd rather expected this from some arabian channel like al-jazeera or - al-Manar.

So "Political correct", as defined by BBC, is to do things which don't lead to bomb attacks or attempts to torch the TV station's building (or some Brithish embassy) ?

Does this mean that BBC punishes religions that aren't violent, because it doesn't have to have fear of them?
Tobias , Germany (10.23.06)

... you should live here and see and hear the BBC
... Remember they claim to be the world's most listened to radio service from the man in the middle of the jungle to the sophisticated urban man.

They have stirred up AntiSemitism not seen since the days of Der Struma. They HATE Jews!

Fred, LONDON uk (10.23.06)

The BBC is the Biased Broadcasting Corporation funded by
public money out of a TV license levy.

These antiSemitic bastards have deliberatly stirred up anti Israel sentiment throughout the world ...

Now there is a Jew, Michael Grade, at the top we could expect even worse, but this report has highlighted what Joe Jewish UK Public has been claming for decades.

Grade should do the right thing and resign and Blair should ensure that the editors, corrrespondents and staffers be immediately sacked.

They have perverted the news to our detriment and have caused Anglo Jewry great heartache as how to handle this problem from a grass roots level.



Sid Emess, Jerusalem (10.23.06)


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CBN News, October 23, 2006

CBNNews.com- Many of the top executives and on-camera personalities at the British Broadcasting Corporation admit they're biased against America and Christianity...

The report says BBC executives admit the corporation is dominated by homosexuals, is anti-American, and more sensitive towards the feelings of Muslims than Christians.

For example, the report says "executives would let the Bible be thrown in to a dustbin on a TV comedy show, but not the Koran" ...

The BBC's "diversity czar" says Muslim newswomen should be allowed to wear veils on air.

- ... Hate Christianity and Judaism
A number of executives and star presenters at the British Broadcasting Corporation admitted what critics already knew: The BBC is dominated by Left-leaning liberals who are anti-American and biased against Christianity, but sensitive to the feelings of Muslims.

Former BBC business editor Jeff Randall said he complained to a very senior news executive about the BBC's pro-Multicultural stance, but was given the reply: "The BBC is not neutral in Multiculturalism: it believes in it and it promotes it."

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