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"Touch Points": что и как мужчине можно трогать у женщины

в рабочее время...

... в головном офисе компании если оно тем более вдруг происходит. Там то есть, где нет - теоретически во всяком случае быть не должно - ни одного угла без "сурвайлэнсе телекамеры".

Подробная - с примерами и красочными иллюстрациями - инструкция поведения в таком офисе опубликована была тока что специализированным к наиболее важным в стране бизнес-задачам журналом деловой элиты Америки, Forbes.

Номер это по очевидным видимо причинам расходится в киосках как горячие пирожки. Тема подобного рода вопросов "техники безопасности на рабочем месте" уж слишком по-видимому для многих в буквальном смысле "животрепещущей" остается:

    With President Bush's bizarre "massage" of German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the recent G8 Summit, it might be a good time to review what constitutes appropriate and inappropriate touching at work. The rules may seem obvious, but if the president can get it wrong at a meeting of the world's most powerful leaders, chances are your co-workers are slipping up too.

    Further confusing the issue are the mixed messages found in sexual harassment data. The number of harassment charges filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has declined 20% from when they peaked in 1997.

    No studies accurately explain the decline, says David Grinberg, an EEOC spokesman. But he credits companies with increasing awareness of the issue and an increase in the number of women managers. Still, sexual harassment is a "serious problem in today's workplace," according to Grinberg who notes that the number of employees who have been fired or demoted as a result of filing a harassment complaint has doubled since 1992.

    In Pictures: Appropriate Workplace Touching

    So how do you avoid awkward and actionable touching? The first--and most important--rule to remember is that beyond the handshake there are only three locations on the body where skin-to-skin contact is acceptable among co-workers: the forearm, the wrist and the upper back. The only exception is if you're on a professional baseball team and hit a home run. If you accomplish that, your teammates are not only allowed, they're virtually required to smack you on the tush. That also applies if you're on an NFL team and have just scored the game-winning touchdown.

    But not everyone works in a contact sport. In nearly all other arenas, touching should be kept to a minimum, says Jill Bremer, an image etiquette and communication skills instructor with Bremer Communications. "Longer than a couple of seconds and it can become sexual," says Bremer. "[It makes the receiver wonder], what is this person trying to tell me?"

    From the look on Merkel's face, she didn't like what Bush's hands told her. Gail Houck, a business consultant with Select, Assess and Train is even stricter. "Don't go below the elbow and stay on the upper arm and nowhere else."

    If you are particularly happy with an employee's work or want to offer congratulations, feel free to give the office version of a hug: the two-handed hand shake. That's when you shake the person's hand and put your other hand on their forearm. "I don't think male or female colleagues should ever kiss unless it's someone who has known them forever and even then, they're probably taking a chance," says Houck.

    Boundaries aren't getting much help from casual Fridays. "Since we've gotten very casual in dress we've gotten very casual in our behavior," says Bremer. "We're on a first name basis with everybody. We can assume we can touch anybody. I long for the days when there was more formality...There need to be boundaries."

    Of course, boundaries and political correctness differ from culture to culture. A post on Arianna Huffington's blog says the media attention on the Bush-Merkel incident is hooey. After all, Bush is a Texan and they are a touchy-feely people. "Texans hug one another, kiss one another, place their hands on other's shoulders, and give hand squeezes all the time. You libs are always talking about understanding the culture of others and it's time for you to start understanding Texas culture. We're not cold and frigid like you Yankees are. "

    Actually, the physical frigidity level of a culture should be taken into account. Northern Europeans--that includes Germany--are considered "low contact" cultures, says Bremer. So are many Asians. Remember, many don't even shake hands, they bow when greeting someone. Contrast that with Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cultures that are extremely close talkers and regularly touch people.

    When you take that into consideration, Bush may have a more receptive massage recipient in Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

    Source: Business Basics: Touch Points by Tara Weiss, Forbes. 08.01.06, 11:15 AM ET

Месяц мир азартно обсуждал не слишком ли Буш распускал руки на G8-саммите - массаж шеи и частично спинки тоже под телкамеры когда делал некоторым показалось что и впрЯмь аппетитной премьерши из Германии - пока др. начальники главных стран решали серьезные вопросы мироустройства.

С лругой стороны народ в той же Америке кажется уже начинает проникаться и в основном соблюдать. Число случаев sexual harassment на рабочих местах упало на 20% по сравнению с пиковым его значением в 1997 году. Это же 97-й год - по случайному совпадению - был зарегистрирован как абсолютный пик соответствующей активности кстати говорят что и в Овальном тогда кабинете тоже.

Так что все устаканивается понемногу в Америке. По крайней мере в этом отношении кажется уж точно. Потому и потребовались видимо более подробные к тому теперь уже инструкции, ну и как водится наглядные пособия к ним тоже.

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