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Do You Think Hezbollah Got What They Wanted?

    Question: "What do you think of the thought that Hezbollah got
    exactly what they wanted out of this whole war? That this is what they hoped
    to happen from the beginning? Their re-construction of Southern Lebanon has
    started so quickly that it almost looks like they were planning it all along.
    Plus with all the slanted news reporting that they're getting, it just makes
    them look even more like the good guys.

    So, Israel destroys a bunch of Lebanon (completely the fault of Hezbollah,
    but no one seems to want to remember that), the world press makes Israel look
    like a bunch of baby killers, Hezbollah doesn't get destroyed (because the UN
    and the US want the fighting stopped) and then Hezbollah looks like heroes
    because they've so quickly started re-building Southern Lebanon. (Again,
    ignoring the fact that it's all their fault and that they did ABSOLUTELY
    NOTHING to protect the civilians in the first place.)

    With the complicit world press that does everything in it's power to show
    Israel in as bad a light as possible, this could have been what Hezbollah
    planned all along..." -- GEBIV

Answer: My guess, which might or might not be wrong, is that Hezbollah
dramatically underestimated the scope of Israel's reaction to the kidnappings.

As far as Hezbollah declaring "victory" goes, it doesn't matter how
badly Israel's foes get beaten down, they always declare "victory"
afterwards. It's just what they do.

The slanted news coverage? When is Israel ever given fair news coverage?
Although I do have to admit that slamming Israel's response as
"disproportionate" throughout the fighting and then declaring
Hezbollah the victors as soon as the fighting ends does set a new standard for

The reconstruction? It's good that Hezbollah got started so early because
they're going to be working on it for years, maybe even a decade or more.

If Hezbollah knew Israel was going to do so much damage to them and that the
conflict would end with a UN Resolution that demands Hezbollah move out of the
South while the Lebanese Army and a 15,000 strong UN force moved in, I sincerely
doubt if they would have kidnapped those soldiers in the first place.

That being said, I'm still of the opinion that since Hezbollah is flagrantly
violating the ceasefire by refusing to disarm or go North and since the
international force is starting to fall apart before it gets started (Thank you, France), Israel should start bombing again.

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