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"Searching for Loyalty"

The study, Searching for Loyalty (released yesterday by Boston based marketing firm 'Compete') examines the search habits of people who have declared themselves "loyal" to one brand or another. Every user tends to start their search with their preferred search engine. Compete's study shows how many searchers ventured beyond their search engine of choice and how many used one brand exclusively over others ... :

* Google: 71.0%
* Yahoo: 48.1%
* MSN: 27.8%


* Excite: 23.4%
* AOL: 23.2%
* Ask: 21.6%
* AltaVista: 16.6%
* Clusty: 10.3%
* A9: 6.4%
* Lycos: 5.8%

The results of the study give a good indication of how reliable search engine users find the search engines they use. It doesn't necessarily show which engine is better or more relevant but it does show that even the mighty Google has a user-bleed rate.

February 22, 2006 4:31 PM "Google Users Display Biggest Brand Loyalty
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