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Is the big SUV dying?

Sales of the perennial best-selling SUV, the Ford Explorer, dropped by 58% compared with September 2004. Its larger kin, the Ford Expedition, which gets 14 mpg in city driving, saw sales drop 61%. Ford stopped producing its even larger SUV, the Excursion, last month.

GM's full-size SUVs, ... fell 56%. Sales of its Hummer H2 so heavy it doesn't fall under the EPA's fuel-mileage ratings system -- were off by 31%, ...

Toyota moved 46% fewer of its immense Sequoia sport-utilities, rated at 15 mpg city, and sales of its smaller SUVs were off sharply as well.

Sales of Honda's largest SUV, the Pilot, fell 26%.

Nissan sold 20% fewer of its 13-mpg Armadas...

Whether the September sales shift represents a sea change in consumer habits is still unknown. While Toyota, Honda and Ford are selling every hybrid-electric vehicle they can make, sales of full-size SUVs still dwarf that output...

Ford, Lincoln and Mercury car sales rose 6% in September, but sales of trucks and SUVs fell nearly 28%.

Industrywide, sales of SUVs fell by almost a third...

Toyota's record sales reflect increased interest in fuel-efficient vehicles and hybrids, ... Sales of the hybrid Toyota Prius surged 90%.

Honda's sales rose 11.7% thanks to its redesigned 2006 Civic, which helped boost car sales by 20%
By MSN Money staff and wire reports

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