Григорий Громов (abcdefgh) wrote,
Григорий Громов

Из объявления о приеме на работу:

Why work anywhere else?

It's not cotton, denim or cashmere — people are the fabric of our company.

[...] employees are smart, fun, talented individuals working in areas from [...] to distribution, marketing to [...]. Working here requires commitment, energy, flexibility — and a healthy dose of creativity. Whether you're a college graduate ready to start your career, or a professional looking for your next ch

Try us on for size.

In 1969, we had one small [...] in San Francisco and a handful of employees.

Today, we’re a $16 billion company with three of the best-known names in [...] – ... – and close to 150,000 people across the world supporting more than ... Over the years, we’ve grown in ways we never could have imagined – and so have our people.

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