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How the Bible Became a Book:

the Textualization of Ancient Israel

By William M. Schniedewind. Cambridge University Press, 257 pp., 827.00,

Фрагмент из обзора книги (August 24, 2004 by David Carr*):
IT IS EASY for us to underestimate the aura that surrounded a written text in the ancient world. As you read this review, you are performing something that once seemed like magic: converting signs on a printed page into human speech.

Most ancient people did not have that capacity, even those living in societies like Mesopotamia, Egypt or Greece, societies that created famous texts. Most people could live well without recourse to written documents.

And when "nonliterates" did encounter a scribe or priest who could read a scroll, they were awestruck. Writing was seen as a god-given way of having the age-old words of the gods and of long-dead people speak in the present.

How, then, did ancient Israel (and later Judaism mad Christianity as well) end up with a religion focused on the reading and study of holy texts? When and how did the Israelites start to write down their central traditions? Why did they make the move from a mostly oral world to one that featured such a widespread focus on the written text? Remarkably few scholars have asked these sorts of questions. William Schniedewind aims to fill this gap.
*/Reviewed by David Carr, professor of Old Testament at Union Theological Seminary in New York and the author of The Erotic Word: Sexuality, Spirituality and the Bible (Oxford University Press, 2003) and ....

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