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Цены на дома в Кремниевой долине выросли за 20% в год

- продолжение саги о непредсказуемом "поведении рынка американских домов" (в значительнлй степени как правило предопределеющего экономическую погоды в США) вообще, ну а калифорнийских то тем более. Предшествующий - противоположного по общему его смыслу содержания об том пост - см. тут. Общий смысл очередной об том статьи:
For all those waiting for any home price ``bubble'' to explode: It hasn't happened yet.

Bay Area home prices hit new record
Thu Mar, 2005 17,11:01 AM ET - Technology - SiliconValley.com

By Sue McAllister, Mercury News

For all those waiting for any home price ``bubble'' to explode: It hasn't happened yet.

Prices of Bay Area houses rose nearly 20 percent over the 12 month period ending in February, reaching a new record median price of $569,000 paid for existing single-family houses.

Santa Clara County also posted a new record, with a median house price last month of $632,000. That's up 20.4 percent from February 2004, according to DataQuick Information Systems, which compiled the figures from public records of completed sales.

Condo prices also rose steeply over the past 12 months. The median price paid for condos in Santa Clara County was $411,000, up 19.1 percent. For the nine-county Bay Area, the median condo price was $427,000.

Sales volume rose very slightly in February compared to a year earlier. A total of 7,463 new and resale houses and condos sold in the nine counties last month, up 0.7 percent.

``We're somewhat surprised that sales are as strong as they are,'' said John Karevoll, an analyst with DataQuick. ``We all were hearing about the lack of supply, and we thought they'd come in lower. And frankly, we thought the weather would be a bigger factor.'' Karevoll was referring to the heavy rains of late December and January. Sales initiated then typically are represented in the February closed-sales data.

``If there was indeed deferred activity because of that weather, we're probably looking at a strong March and April,'' he said.

Prices paid for resale houses across the Bay Area rose substantially in February compared to a year earlier. Sales volume decreased slightly for the Bay Area as a whole, but was up in some counties compared to February 2004.

Chg. from Median Chg. from
County No. sold Feb. 04 price Feb. 04
Alameda 934 -5.0% $542,000 20.4%
Contra Costa 941 3.3% $490,000 21.3%
San Francisco 246 6.0% $701,000 14.0%
San Mateo 423 0.7% $711,000 16.0%
Santa Clara 1,232 -3.4% $632,000 20.4%
Santa Cruz 170 -2.9% $720,000 30.9%
Bay Area total 4,905 -0.4% $569,000 19.5%
Santa Clara Cty. condos 455 -1.3% $411,000 19.1%
Bay Area condos 1,457 -7.0% $427,000 18.9%

Santa Cruz County is not included in Bay Area totals. Data is based on completed sales of existing single-family houses as recorded by counties in February 2005.

Source:DataQuick Information Systems

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