Григорий Громов (abcdefgh) wrote,
Григорий Громов

Типовая - на самых разных eCommerce форумах - жалоба на Google

    December 23rd, 2004, 03:25 PM
    Googs latest serps fiasco is merely a ploy to gain them more ad revenue. On 99% of my terms I have went away and in my place are non-relevant results that the end user must be very confused by. In turn, the only link that makes any sense is the NORDsr---m ad at the top of their page. Imagine that- more money for goog in this critical 4th quarter. they are a public company now and this is the typr of tricks public companies will resort to to keep share prices high

Ответ-вразумление жалобщику от другого - видимо более здравомыслящего - участника того же (гуглевых тем) форума:
    Big, bad evil public company... hmmmm...? Google has been a public company fora couple months, but study the archives and its clear that webmasters have been b**ching, moaning and complaining about Google when their rankings go down for years. Somehow, I don't think the issue is a big, bad public company trying to make money. Besides, maybe you you missed the day in economics class when they taught the basic purpose of any company -- to make a good return for its owners. In Googles case that's the shareholders, not SEOs*.

    If you are unhappy with Google's results, don't use Google for searching. Or don't optimize your site for Google. Or if you really want to do something that can make a difference, buy a few hundred million dollars of Google stock and then go to a shareholders meeting and complain.

*/ SEO - "Search Engine Optimization" specialist

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