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National Guard Hiring 1,400 Recruiters

    By JOE MANDAK, Associated Press Writer

    CORAOPOLIS, Pa. - Increasing numbers of soldiers are deciding not to join the Army National Guard after they leave active duty, a trend so troubling that the Guard is hiring 1,400 more recruiters to reverse it.

    The Guard's new recruiters — plus its 2,700 already on the job — will be aiming to get high schoolers and 20-somethings to sign up like they never have before.

    In fiscal 2004, the Guard had expected 7,100 soldiers to sign up after active duty tours. Instead, only 2,900 did — not even half. As a result, what's supposed to be a 350,000-member organization had just 342,918 soldiers when the year closed out on Sept. 30.
    What's changed the face of the Guard is the increased likelihood of active duty deployment in the last decade, especially since the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks...The Guard used to sell recruits on the idea of spending just one weekend a month, plus two weeks in the summer, in uniform.

    "On average, right now, its 100 days a year," said Cleaver, noting that average is skewed by some 4,500 Pennsylvania Guard troops in Iraq. "If you sign up, we are probably going to need you to go (to Iraq), or at least be in an environment where you're going to be needed more often."


Cтранная для Америки логика. Казалось бы при чем тут общее число "рекрутеров"? Нужна нанять людей для исполнения определенного вида работ. По каким-то причинам работа стьала казаться менеее привлекательной. Какой выход, если есть желание наннять не меньше а может быть даже и тем ни мнее больше? Правильно, повысить зарплату. Вместо того нанимают больше ... зазывал.

Полно при чем в бюрократической части Америки - а на госслужбе так и особенно - такого рода нелепостей встречается.

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