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Прочитал в дневнике ostseer: Пошел по ссылке и нашел своего деда там упоминание. И тоже неизвестная племенница предоставила в музей ланные. Попытаюсь ее найти. Cпасибо, ostseer за ссылку:

Update: Israel's Holocaust Museum Unveils Victims Data
Sun Nov 21,12:05 PM ET Top Stories - Reuters
JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel's Holocaust museum on Sunday posted on the Internet for the first time biographical information about three million of the six million Jews killed by Nazi Germany.

The database, at www.yadvashem.org, is partly based on more than two million "pages of testimony" submitted to the Yad Vashem memorial in Jerusalem since 1950 by survivors or family members and friends of Jews killed in the Holocaust. Information was also gleaned from historical documentation, such as correspondence of Nazi officials and lists of inmates at death camps, Yad Vashem said on the Web site.

"Building the database is a work in progress," the Web site said, calling the project -- which will be formally launched on Monday -- a final act of respect. "Millions of names that appear in a wide variety of historical documents have not yet been identified or recorded in the database; many additional names still linger only in the memories of survivors or in the lore of their families."

After entering a victim's name in English or Hebrew, a paragraph of biographical data -- date and place of birth, marital status, residence and if known, date and place of death -- appears along with a link to an image of the "page of testimony" submitted to Yad Vashem.

Another link next to the victim's name expands the search, enabling visitors to the site to view information about additional family members who perished.


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