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Пора начинать подводить пИсаные тут итоги года

может быть иногда и с дополнениями/комментариями к ним тоже. Начнем тогда уже и с января: Надо бы видимо для большей ясности ап чем речь и ссылку на первоисточник об том размышлизмов, в январе постигших, тоже дать:
    Лекция: Computers & Society
    Lecturer: Dr. Brendan Tangney (конспектирует в онлайне студент Patrick Brown)
In his essay (2)"The Electronic Hive: Embrace it." Kevin Kelly compares the Internet to a beehive, in its operations and shared intelligence. I on the other hand wish to compare the Internet to a man-made building, a Skyscraper. </ul>Shaping the building
A skyscraper begins as an idea, which progresses onto an architect's drawing board as a blueprint. This maps out the dimensions for the construction company to follow to create the building. Finally, upon construction, the building's layout and location aids the decision for businesses to open up outlets in the building. In essence "We shape our buildings and afterwards they shape us." In comparison the idea for the Internet came from ...</ul>Department of Computer Science, Trinity College Dublin

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