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Bush, Kerry & Israel

Can Israel Survive? by Dr. Gerhard Falk

If John Kerry or any other Democrat becomes President of the United States next year, then the survival of Israel will indeed be in doubt.

This is not a partisan issue. This is the consequence of some facts which anyone can ignore, but which will not go away. Consider this: No one can become President without the support of his party. If you agree, go on.

The views of party members must be taken into consideration by the President. If you agree, go on.

Here are the views of Republicans concerning the Israel-Palestinian conflict according to a recent Gallup poll:
  • White Republicans or all Republicans favor Israel over the Arabs 54% to 12%.
  • Black Democrats favor Israel by only 38% to 25%.
  • All Democrats favor Israel 37% to 19%.
The Jewish community of about 5.5 million Americans is really much smaller. Only about 1.8 million people of Jewish descent, like Kerry, are really Jewish. These 1.8 million are members of a synagogue, attend weekly services and observe some Jewish Holy Days. The other so-called Jews are secularists who care no more for the survival of Israel than they care for the survival of the Hottentots. These “Jews” may have Jewish names, eat matza balls and swim at the Jewish Center. However, these 3.7 million secular Jews care nothing and know nothing about Judaism, Israel or Jewish survival.

In fact, their antagonism to Sen. Lieberman is so great that Jews voted twice as often for Kerry than Lieberman in the two states in which Lieberman had any sizable following, i.e. Massachusetts and Arizona.

Analysts say that Lieberman could not get “Jewish” i.e. secular, support because he is a religious Jew. It is notable that the secular Jews had no trouble voting for a practicing Catholic, i.e. Kerry. In sum, no Presidential candidate or President needs to consider the “Jewish” vote in his dealings with Israel.

There are, however, 50 million Zionists in this country. These are people who are almost all Republicans. They are Christians. They insist on the survival of Israel for whatever reasons and let this be known to the Republican candidate.

It may well be that George W. Bush has done more for Israel than any other President ever because he is a Methodist and convinced that Israel must survive because of the views of Protestant fundamentalists. It may even be that George W. Bush counts the votes he needs and the support he must have from those 50 million Zionists...

The Europeans and their Arab allies are furious at our support of Israel. They are waiting like wolves for the sheep to see us abandon Israel so they can destroy another 5 million Jews. Only George Bush stands between that destruction and another Holocaust.

Consider this: In October of 2003, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mohamad Mahathir, speaking to a huge delegation of world Muslim leaders, received a standing ovation for accusing “the Jews” of ruling the world etc. etc. etc. He rehearsed all the old Nazi slogans. Thereupon, our President, George W. Bush, told him personally, at an international meeting, how disgusted the American people are with such anti-Jewish hate speech.

If a Democrat, including John Kerry, becomes President, such support for us becomes unlikely if not impossible. This is so, first, because Kerry is himself a friend of the Arab cause. As he said on October 17, 2003 during a speech to the Arab-American Institute, he, Kerry, understands the suffering of the Palestinians, which is altogether the fault of the Jews and the wall Israel is building. Evidently Kerry understands nothing about the suffering of the Jews who die every time a homicide bomber blows up a bus, a restaurant or a disco.

The reason Kerry cannot understand Israel is that his advisers are all anti-Israel and/or anti-Jewish. First among them is ex-President Jimmy Carter. He wrote several op-ed pieces in the New York Times blaming Israel for everything and finding nothing wrong with the murder of Jews. Of course not. After all, the Carter Center in Atlanta is financed by the Saudi royal family. Carter is a mouthpiece for the Saudis. That is why he said in Geneva last November that if he had been elected to a second term he would have imposed “the final solution” on the Israel problem. Well, now. Don’t we all know what is meant by the “final solution”?

The second of Kerry’s advisers re Israel is James Baker, the Secretary of State in the first Bush administration. Baker is a Republican. It is therefore remarkable that Kerry seeks the advice of Baker and even announced that he would send Baker to Israel as his special envoy (if elected). Israel has no greater enemy than Baker. Baker not only sided with Arafat and against Israel during his entire tenure as Secretary of State, he even blasted American Jews for supporting Israel and repeatedly held American Jews as unpatriotic for that support. This was also the view of George Bush, Sr. who, as an Episcopalian, belongs to a religion which denounces Jews at every turn. His son, George W. Bush, converted to the Methodist church upon marrying a Methodist lady and therefore has a pro-Jewish attitude.

Kerry also wants to involve Bill Clinton in Israeli-Arab diplomacy. It is of course Clinton who “twisted the arm” of Ehud Barak, then prime minister of Israel, to hand all of Jerusalem, all of Judea, all of Samaria and all of the Jordan river valley to the terrorist Arafat. Arafat was not satisfied with all of that and demanded the total destruction of Israel. So he turned down this offer which, had it been implemented, would have made Israel utterly defenseless.

There can be little doubt that the Jew baiter Al Sharpton, recent candidate for the Democratic nomination for President, would be included in any Kerry cabinet. Sharpton led the anti-Jewish riot against the orthodox Jewish community of Brooklyn in 1991, which was so bad it resembled the Nazi Crystal Night of 1938, when all synagogues in Germany and Austria were burned. Sharpton also screamed “Jews Out” at a Jewish owned store in Brooklyn until his followers set a fire to the store, killing seven people. Sharpton also marched up and down in front of Jewish owned Freddy’s Fashion Mart screaming “bloodsucking Jews” and “Jew bastards”.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson is another black leader sure of getting a big job with any Kerry administration. He calls New York City “Hymietown” and uses other epithets on us. And then there is, of course Hillary Clinton, friend of Mrs. Arafat, who screamed at a campaign official on Bill’s team: “You f……..Jew bastard”.

Do you really want to vote for this gang of bigots?

Kerry grew up in France. He lived there most of his youth because his mother had an estate there. He has a French cousin and he speaks the French language fluently. Now, France is the most anti-Jewish country in Europe despite the wide-spread anti-Jewish hate mongering now in progress in that whole continent. Kerry says he wants to take European advice concerning our foreign policy. Well, the French ambassador to England said at a dinner attended by former Mayor Ed Koch that Israel is a “sh….y little country that deserves no support." This is the French attitude in general, since 11% of the French population are of Muslim origin, even as the huge number of French secularists, having given up Christianity, are marrying Muslims in droves.

There are many more reasons to fear a Kerry presidency. The reasons given here are, however, enough to keep George W. Bush in office lest we learn a second time in one century that those who seek our destruction really mean it and that neither Hitler then, nor the Euro-Arab alliance now, were just talking or leaving off steam during an election. Without George W. Bush, Israel may well be doomed. Her enemies are waiting to see what you will do.

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including Man's Ascent to Reason (2003) & the forthcoming Football & American Identity.


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