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Why do so many Jews still cling to the Democrats?

Ha'aretz reports that American Jews are "still sworn Democrats", summarizing the conclusions of a recent and as yet unpublic Gallup poll.

I have a hard time understanding why so many of my fellow Jewish Americans still cling to the Democrats. We Jews are a people of industry and upward mobility and social justice.
  • The Republicans are a party of equal opportunity, enterprise, self-reliance and security.
  • The Democrats, who once successfully carried the mantle of social justice at least, have decomposed into the party of losers and parasites; the party of the infinite unearned entitlement; the party of surrender and appeasement; the party of race-based hand-outs; the party of sinecured unaccountable government employees.
  • The Republicans are the pro-Israel party.
  • The Democrats are the party of Rachel Corrie, Baghdad Jim and other jihadi fifth columnists.

I only wish more Jews would come to their senses and realize that the Democratic Party is no longer the party that best represents our interests and values.

The Ha'aretz article offers some hope:
    many figures in the Jewish community feel that the younger generation of American Jews are not the same committed liberals their parents were. The young Jews are more mature, believe more in the Republican economic approach and are cut off from the big protest movements of the 20th century. In that case, it will be much easier for them to digest Bush's attitude and adopt it as their own, thanks to his foreign policy positions and despite his approach to domestic policies.
I don't agree with all of Bush's domestic policies, but especially on the issues that matter most, he's headed in the right direction, while the Democrats are heading only toward economic and social self-destruction.

That's why I bailed on the Democrats and am now a Jew for Bush.
If you're still a Jew for Kerry, Hollings, Pelosi and McDermott -- why?

Posted by Stefan Sharkansky at June 02, 2004 11:04 AM

Далее на странице по приведенной выше ссылке дискуссия по данной теме. Кому может быть интересна подобного рода тема дискуссий внутри сообщества американских евреев - меж собой видимо давно там уже ведущаяся, про их понимание той или иной из двух обычно оппонирующих друг другу на выборах партий - видимо, могут там и выскaзаться тоже. Приведу пример одного из высказываний в той дискусии:
    Posted by: Jed on June 4, 2004 07:09 AM
    My relatives hate Bush because they think he's incredibly incompetent. They think that because the NYT and all their (NY) friends said so, and if you can't trust the NYT and your (NY) friends, whom can you trust? This was a pretty shocking view for me, a blog addict.

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