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некоторые ранние мои по-английски тексты. Чего только из Гугля про себя по случаю бывает не узнаешь:

The History of the Internet According to Itself: A Synthesis of Online Internet Histories Available at the Turn of the Century

by Steven E. Opfer, http://members.cox.net/opfer/Internet.htm

... Gregory R. Gromov's "History of the Internet and WWW" uses so many techniques of presentation that are unique to the World Wide Web, that he's included negative commentary on his site that remarks how difficult it is to use in the traditional sense. Perhaps he did this because many of those comments seem to unconsciously reflect an intention on his part: to present the history of the Internet on the Internet in a uniquely World Wide Web fashion where the presentation is not read in a traditional manner, but is browsed for bits and pieces of information that ultimately form a whole both textually and graphically. 

As a result of these sources operating from a predominately technological perspective, most of them are conspicuously absent of interpretation of the Internet in terms of its significance and impact, except in terms of its size (i.e.--extensiveness of the actual networking) and its capabilities (i.e.--computer networking protocols in use, speed of the networks, etc.). If, however, one approaches these online histories of the Internet with this perspective in mind, then the sources can function in an autobiographical sense. 

In fact, a significant portion of the sources are autobiographical...written by those who worked to establish the networks and those who created the programs that helped them function. Most of the other sources, while not autobiographical in nature, are written by computer networking professionals. Consequently, their online histories also function in an autobiographical sense as professional testimony from the computer networking industry regarding that industry's most phenomenal accomplishment...the Internet. 

Steve Opfer is one of "the best teachers in America" according to Who's Who Among America's Teachers. He has demonstrated that professional excellence for more than ten years while teaching a variety of writing and writing-related courses in the Department of Mass Communications and Journalism  at Norfolk State University: Basic Writing, News Writing, Copy Editing, Continuity Writing, Interviewing and Information Gathering, Film Criticism, Introduction to the Internet: Web Page Design, Broadcast News Writing and Reporting, Advanced Broadcast Writing, Radio and Television Announcing, Video Production, and Electronic News Field Production and Editing. Mr. Opfer currently serves the department as the producer and manager of the department's web the department's academic advising liaison; an active member of the department's assessment, curriculum, and technology development committees; an academic advisor to more than 40 broadcasting majors; Executive Producer of "Faces," a student-produced television interview program; and Executive Producer of "Spartan Week," a student-produced news magazine utilizing CNN Newsource. He also regularly participates in student orientation, recruitment, and fund-raising activities. In the past, Mr. Opfer has served the department as the assessment coordinator; departmental liaison to the NSU Honors Program; News Director of WNSB 91.1 FM (a National Public Radio affiliate); and Co-Executive Producer of "This Week," a student-produced television news magazine utilizing CNN Newsource




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