August 13th, 2006


'Arc of Extremism'

August 11, 2006. The Wall Street Journal, by William Shawcross

Collapse )if you watched only British television, particularly the BBC, you would be hard-pressed to understand that Israel has been forced into a war for its survival. Last weekend people marched in an anti-Israel march though London carrying banners proclaiming

    "We are all Hezbollah Now."

As the historian Victor Davis Hanson recently pointed out, there is a moral madness at work here. We refuse to admit there is a pattern to global terrorism. We are terrified of being called "Islamophobic." European papers are frightened to publish cartoons which some Muslims demand we censor, but are happy to portray the Israelis as latter-day Nazis. Not for nothing does Mr. Hanson say that we have forgotten the lessons of 1938.

In a live BBC interview recently I called Hezbollah "Islamofascists." The charming interviewer said nervously, "That's a very controversial description"; I replied that it was merely accurate. She brought the interview to a swift close. Collapse )

Перевод на русский язык здесь.

однажды орел, пораженный стрелою,

посмотрев на ее оперенье, сказал:
    "Нашими же перьями,
    а вовсе не чужими руками,
    сражают нас сегодня".


Да - все верно - именно так: "Нашими же перьями".
PS. Что порой бывает обиднее всего наблюдать, "золотыми перьями" - арузгимахте коп...