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Григорий Громов's Journal
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Sunday, March 5th, 2006

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Google stats:

  • 40,000: Number of books being scanned at Harvard over six months as part of its online pilot program and involvement in the Google Book Search Project. Expect the number to expand to its entire 15 million volumes after the pilot.

  • 5: Initial library partners in the Google Book Search project (Harvard, Stanford, University of Michigan, Oxford, The New York Public Library)

  • $85: Initial public offering price of Google stock in August 2004

  • $471.63: Highest closing price for Google stock (1/11/2006)

  • $378.18: Closing price Friday (3/3/2006)

  • $113.5 billion: Google market value as of Friday, in the same range as General Motors, ...

  • $19.1 million: Revenue in 2000

  • $6.14 billion: Revenue in 2005; net income was $1.47 billion

  • 99%: Percentage of Google revenues derived from advertising: 50% is from Google Web sites; 49% is from Google partner Web sites

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