November 11th, 2005


Big Google is much worse than Big Oil

Tell your senator ...

Congress... this week skewered oil executives for making "too much" money... In case you haven't noticed, Google makes a ton of money for doing almost nothing.

It supplies boring, text ads to web pages... As companies shell out more and more to up their AdWord positions, you can expect to pay more and more for goods. All types of goods. Only the rich will survive.
    ... every reporter on the planet feels the need to describe Google as the next Microsoft. And you all love this idea. Won't it be something when your friend turns to an enemy and saddles you with lifelong herpes? Huh, won't it? Why exactly are you pushing Google to Microsoft's status? Yes, you!

Source: The Register, UK. By Otto Z. Stern. Published Friday 11th November 2005