November 19th, 2004


A Good Question

by Batya Medad, Nov 16, '04 / 3 Kislev 5765

A few years ago, I accompanied a group of Christian tourists on a tour of Shiloh. I told them all about life in modern Shiloh, how it began, and I also mentioned how we've suffered from terror attacks and the murders of friends and neighbors. A little girl, who was with the group along with her family, asked a good question. The adults with her all looked down embarrassed, and none of us could give an acceptable answer.

She asked: "Why do people always try to kill the Jews?"

A good question, yes?

This little girls' question is related to questions that have been bothering many of us.

Why have so many people worldwide embraced, supported Arafat, the terrorist? Why are so many politicians, journalists, and diplomats sad to see him dead? Why haven't the journalist "muckrakers" publicized the truth about Arafat's "life-style?" How come they're so accepting about his widow, living on a budget of close to $2,000,000 - that's two million dollars - a month? And she's trying to get more! Where are the exposes about Arafat's administration? Financial? Civil rights? And more.

Why do those, including newly re-elected George Bush, who claim zero-tolerance for terrorism, tolerate Arab terrorism against Jews? Why is it so much easier to raise money for Holocaust Memorials than for Jewish education? And why is the "m" word, murdered, so difficult to find when writing about terror attacks and the Holocaust?* And how can "transferring", deporting, Jews from their homes be the preferred policy by Jews and the world's diplomats, but the "transfer" of Arabs be considered the epitome of immorality?

Whenever it comes to Jews, there are different standards. And dead Jews are more popular, easier to market, than live, vibrant ones. Okay, we recognize these as facts, but what's the reason?

Is it religious? the Christians have always blamed us for killing Jesus, even though it was the Romans. Is it that both the Christians and the Moslems conceived of their religions as replacements for Judaism, and it really bothers them that we're still around? Is it that nasty characteristic of human nature that needs to have someone to push around?

That last question gets me thinking.Collapse )

"Скажите, люди, а харрасмент - это когда?"

- задает теоретический вопрос pepel.

Ровно 5 лет назад - по близкому поводу в аналогичного типа онлайновой дискуссии - попытался ответить на много более простой вопрос. Не вообще об том, что это такое, а как оно это понятие трактуется иногда в Америке. На двух примерах служебного исходно повода отношений меж людьми: