October 16th, 2004


kery for president....

Author: skinhead (WHITE POWER)
Date: 7/4/2004 @ 1:18:50 am
Subject: kery for president....

after carefull consideration ive decided to vote for john kery.... why?? because kerry will not be a puppet to the zionist empire..... he is pro-sand nigger but thats better than pro-jew any day of the year.......

kerry might be a jew himself but he is definetly not a zionist jew ..... for he votes against israel...... he votes pro choice which is good (for niggers any way).... he voted for the zionist iraq war but now he is against it... so obviusly he saw the truth about it somewhere along the line......


for these reasons i will vote for john kerry..... i rest my case.......Collapse )

"Момент истины" близок - главная Книга всех времен и народов

выходит на позицию абсолютного лидера читательcкого спроса в Америке.

В списке cамых "горячих" - по текущей температуре общего читательского спроса на книжном рынке Америки - книг ранга "Бестселлер Нью-Йорк Таймс", неуклонно поднимаяcь в нем эти дни к вершине списка, вышла на позицию №2 книга:
Нет видимо необходимости дополнительно пояснять, почему в данном случае особенно знаменательным оказывается сам по себе тот факт, когда именно завершается блистательное во всех отношениях восхождение концептуально "Главной книги сезона выборов" на книжный Олимп. Дорого яичко в Христов день.

Кому, тем ни менее, может быть еще не до конца понятно, что это за бестселлер и главное о чем, то тогда сюда - тут полное и подробнейшее со всех сторон объяснение (с иллюстрациями).

Bush, Kerry & Israel

Can Israel Survive? by Dr. Gerhard Falk

If John Kerry or any other Democrat becomes President of the United States next year, then the survival of Israel will indeed be in doubt.

This is not a partisan issue. This is the consequence of some facts which anyone can ignore, but which will not go away. Consider this: No one can become President without the support of his party. If you agree, go on.

The views of party members must be taken into consideration by the President. If you agree, go on.

Here are the views of Republicans concerning the Israel-Palestinian conflict according to a recent Gallup poll:
  • White Republicans or all Republicans favor Israel over the Arabs 54% to 12%.
  • Black Democrats favor Israel by only 38% to 25%.
  • All Democrats favor Israel 37% to 19%.
The Jewish community of about 5.5 million Americans is really much smaller. Only about 1.8 million people of Jewish descent, like Kerry, are really Jewish. These 1.8 million are members of a synagogue, attend weekly services and observe some Jewish Holy Days. The other so-called Jews are secularists who care no more for the survival of Israel than they care for the survival of the Hottentots. These “Jews” may have Jewish names, eat matza balls and swim at the Jewish Center. However, these 3.7 million secular Jews care nothing and know nothing about Judaism, Israel or Jewish survival.

In fact, their antagonism to Sen. Lieberman is so great that Jews voted twice as often for Kerry than Lieberman in the two states in which Lieberman had any sizable following, i.e. Massachusetts and Arizona.

Analysts say that Lieberman could not get “Jewish” i.e. secular, support because he is a religious Jew. It is notable that the secular Jews had no trouble voting for a practicing Catholic, i.e. Kerry. In sum, no Presidential candidate or President needs to consider the “Jewish” vote in his dealings with Israel.

There are, however, 50 million Zionists in this country. These are people who are almost all Republicans. They are Christians. They insist on the survival of Israel for whatever reasons and let this be known to the Republican candidate.

It may well be that George W. Bush has done more for Israel than any other President ever because he is a Methodist and convinced that Israel must survive because of the views of Protestant fundamentalists. It may even be that George W. Bush counts the votes he needs and the support he must have from those 50 million Zionists...

The Europeans and their Arab allies are furious at our support of Israel. They are waiting like wolves for the sheep to see us abandon Israel so they can destroy another 5 million Jews. Only George Bush stands between that destruction and another Holocaust.
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Буш мл. происходит из семьи убежденно потомственных жидоедов

и относится тем ни менее к Израилю лучше, чем какой-либо из его предшественников в Белом доме.

При том что его - искренне нежно им любимый - папенька относился к Израилю, когда был в Белом доме, хуже чем любой из президентов США за все время существования Израиля вообще.

Почему - чем объяснить такую метаморфозу на дистанции одного поколения в одной и той же семье американских президентов. Как только этот "новый курс" бушей к Израилю обозначился - после первого же года, проведенного Бушем мл. в Белом доме - на этот вопрос попытался ответить либеральный вообще говоря по общей его ориентации журнал Slate (это один из наиболее успешных считается из внепрограммистских издательских проектов Микрософт):

The Bushes and the Jews
Explaining the president's philo-Semitism.
By Anne E. Kornblut
Slate, April 17, 2002

George W. Bush at the Wailing Wall

In 1998, George W. Bush took his first and only trip to the Holy Land. During a helicopter tour—guided by none other than Ariel Sharon — Bush was astonished to discover how tiny Israel is compared to its Arab neighbors. He later described the visit as one of the most meaningful experiences of his life. A photographer captured a striking image of Bush, in a yarmulke, standing reverently at the Wailing Wall.

The picture may be a symbol of Bush foreign policy these days, but it speaks to an even more startling truth: Bush is the first in his family of politicians to craft a pro-Jewish image. Starting with accusations that Prescott Bush was a Nazi collaborator</b> before Pearl Harbor, the Bush dynasty has generally been viewed with suspicion and at times outright hostility by Jewish Americans. The elder President Bush outraged the Jewish community with a series of perceived insults. Before he became president, the younger Bush, who once expressed doubt about whether non-Christians could get into heaven, seemed likely to follow in the family tradition.

The charges against Sen. Prescott Bush, the grandfather of the current president, went beyond the disdain for Jews and discriminatory practices that were characteristic of New England WASP culture in his day. Prescott Bush was a director of a New York bank where rich Germans who supported the Nazis stashed millions in personal wealth. He was still a director at the bank, Union Banking Corp., when its assets were frozen under the Trading With the Enemy Act in 1941—a fact that has provided endless fodder for leftists and conspiracy theorists since it came to light in the 1990s. Collapse )

Amazon Top 10 - cводка текущих изменений

в составе бестселллеров.

На этот раз - по состоянию на момент написания данного сообщения - в списке первых 10 по уровню на них спроса книг-бестселлеров Amazon Top 10 cостоят теперь уже только 2 книги общественно-политического содержания. Остальные - светского содержания худлит, комментарий к Библии, полезные советы в разных областях бытовой эротики и пр.

Обе вышеуказанные 2 книги общественно политического звучания - которые по состоянию на сегодня только и остались в обсуждаемом списке Top 10 - здесь в дневнике уже обсуждались:Интересно наверное было бы попытаться понять, с чем связана ситуация, когда практически все антибушевские книги к финишу избирательной кампании практически поисчезали из верхней части списка бестселлеров - утрачивают интерес для книгочеев американских(?) - тогда как книга, посвященная по сути сочуственно веселой по стилю хотя и строго документальной по содержанию критике liberal way of thinking со стороны открыто консервативно настроенного автора пользуется растущей популярностью и выходит фактически в абсолютные лидеры?

Что за всем этим можно разглядеть - непосредственная реакция думающей части американской публики на теледебаты, др. какие тому причины?

Статистика внутриеврейских противоречий

Решительно во всех уже кажется СМИ, допускающих дискуссии о еврейской точке зрения на события внутренней политики США, ныне звучит один и тот же - в разном контексте задаваемый, но один по сути - вопрос: почему евреи продолжают голосовать против ясно ими осознаваемых собственных интересов?

Этой теме посвящена приводимая ниже статья в общеамериканской еврейской тематики газете Forward, автор которой - что отличает данную статью от многих иных по данной теме - аргументирует свои соображения в том числе и убедительно поясняющими наблюдаемые внешне противоречия статистическими данными.

THE DISPUTATION: Voting Against Our Own Interests
By David Klinghoffer, October 15, 2004

Everyone knows that the Jewish vote skews to the left. Among national religious groups, only black Protestants are more securely in the pocket of the Democratic Party. But did you know that Jews, unlike blacks, are actually becoming more liberal over time?

That startling fact is reported in a new survey from the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life. Titled "The American Religious Landscape and Political Attitudes," the study was conducted this spring using figures from the 2004, 2000, 1996 and 1992 National Surveys of Religion and Politics. Let's first consider the numbers, then seek an explanation.

Researcher John Green divided the American population into 18 categories and subcategories, ranging from "Traditional Evangelical" to "Modernist Catholic" to "Other Christian" and "Jewish." Black Protestants had the highest level of affiliation with the Democratic Party (71%), followed by Jews (68%).

Here's where it gets interesting. Jews are the religious group that cares most about foreign policy — due largely to a concern for Israel's safety. According to the Pew study, 45% of Jews rank foreign policy as the issue of greatest concern to them. After the September 11 terrorist attacks, when America under President Bush became the most outspoken and important defender Israel has ever had, it was widely agreed that this would begin to break down the old Jewish allergy to Republicanism.Collapse )