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7 наиболее востребованных в айти специальностей 2012

Позиции айтишного сектора рынка труда, которые полагают что будут наиболее "горячими" в 2012 году:

                        Starting salary range
Web Developer 	        $61,250 - $99,250
Network Engineer 	$75,000 - $107,750
SEO/SEM Specialist 	$63,750 - $87,500
Data Security Analyst 	$89,000 - $121,500
User ExperienceDesigner $71,750 - $104,000
Data Warehouse Analyst 	$88,000 - $119,000
Mobile Appl. Developer 	$85,000 - $122,500

Data Source: Robert Half Technology 2012 Salary Guide  

Update: из обмена мнениями в комментах показалось что надо б еще некоторые позиции дополнительно чуть развернуть в их описании. Не все бывает из одного лишь титула понятно.

Network Engineer
Engineers enterprise data, voice and video networks
Establishes and operates network test facilities
Maintains a secure transfer of data to multiple locations via internal and external networks

SEO/SEM Specialist
(3+ years of experience)
Analyzes website traffic and provides strategies for improvement
Develops SEO (search engine optimization) website
assessments and recommendations, and translates the into technical requirements
- Provides SEO guidance in technical areas such as server infrastructure, website structure and page construction

Data Security Analyst
' Performs security audits, risk assessments and analysis
' Makes recommendations for enhancing data systems security
' Researches attempted breaches of data security and rectifies
security weaknesses

User Experience (UX) Designer
- Designs innovative and impactful online experiences for customers
- Balances technical functionality and visual elements of a website

Data Warehouse Analyst
- Collects, analyzes, mines and leverages data stored in data warehouses
- Researches and recommends technology solutions related to data storage, reporting and importing
' Works with business analysts to translate data requirements into logical data models

Mobile Applications Developer
Codes, tests, debugs, documents and monitor mobile applications
Interacts with different departments regarding new deployments
Recommends changes and enhancements to applications . '

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