Григорий Громов (abcdefgh) wrote,
Григорий Громов

Apple After Jobs: - Эппл после Джобса

ниже краткое резюме из некотрой части сообщений 
которые  постил тут  по данной теме в течение последних двух недель
(в том виде, как рассказываю теперь читателям    High Tech Trends, News & Events)


Day First:

Apple announces iPhone event for Oct 04  iPhone 5 launch expected

Apple unveils the iPhone 4S not the expected iPhone 5

iPhone 4S: the joke's on us

With iPhone 4S Hiccup, Apple Opens Windows of Opportunity ...  

Apple's lack of news this week may encourage competition. We're already seeing
the beginnings of a technology battle in handsets similar to the PC wars of the
'80s, which led to faster computers and lower prices. Here's hoping the same
thing happens in the smartphone market.

... Second:

iPhone 4S Release Draws Long Lines, ...

iPhone 4S release draws sleepy fans to Apple stores

iPhone 5 release date countdown begins: 4S now past, matter of months ...
The iPhone 4S went out the door this weekend. Now the countdown to the release
date of the iPhone 5, or whatever Apple ends up calling the sixth generation
iPhone, begins.


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