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Перестрелка на дороге: полицейский остановил водителя

за нарушение правил, а тот в него выстрелил и резко газанув уехал. Полицейский открыл ответный огонь...

См. об этом видео-запись происшествия (из полицейской машины): Hamilton Police shooting video

В комментах к видео обращают внимание на то, что полицейский был невнимателен. Он не должен был подходить к остановленной иммашине, если у ней еще горят фонари ножного тормоза. Ему следовало сначала напомнить водителю - по "громкой связи" - чтобы тот поставил машину на стояночный тормоз:
    So glad this officer is here today, but the brake lights are on. Use the loud speaker and tell the driver to put it in park! Then put your hands out the window, the brake lights should have been a clue that the driver has a problem. Glad he is able to go home

См. таже описание сомого по себе события, последующего затем его расследования и решения судьи:

    HAMILTON - A Ravalli County jury taking part in a coroner's inquest on Tuesday ruled that a Hamilton police officer acted in self defense when he killed a suspect in a shootout.

    Officer Ross Jessop pulled over Raymond "Thane" Davis in January for driving in the wrong lane.

    The patrol car video shows Davis stopping and Jessop walking up to Davis' car window and beginning to talk with him. The after a brief conversation, Davis pulled out a revolver and started shooting at the Jessop, so Jessop shot back.

    Back in January, Jessop started following Raymond "Thane" Davis from the bar when he saw Davis get behind the wheel. Jessop said he followed Davis because he knew he was drunk.

    It took Davis several minutes to pull over and when he did, Jessop went up to Davis' car window and said he could smell the alcohol in his car. "And so, I asked him how much he had to drink," Jessop said during Tuesday's inquest.

    Jessop testified that Davis said he'd had plenty to drink. Walter Kemp with the Montana State Crime Lab added in testimony, "He was drinking at the time, not necessarily at the exact time obviously, but probably up to that time."

    Jessop and Davis talked for a couple minutes and then Jessop saw a gun inches away from his face. "The only thing I recall was that I know that I needed to move, and as I was moving, I heard the sound of a gun shot."

    "I didn't know if he was just trying to drive away far enough to come back and shoot again or create distance himself and then keep shooting at me. I had no idea," Jessop added.

    Jessop testified that he fired 14 of the 15 rounds in his gun and that when back up arrived, officers ended up approaching Davis' SUV where they found him dead from a single gunshot wound.

    Witnesses testified that before the shootout with police that night, Davis told people he wanted to shoot an officer. Davis was also a registered violent offender.


Полицецейский обратил внимание на человека, который в сосотоянии очень похожем на подпитие садился за руль своей машины. Несколько минут за ним ехал, а потом остановил ... Одна из пуль его ответных выстрелов убила того водителя.

Вышеприведенное видео помогло судье принять решение что полицейский действовал в ситуации необходимой обороны и снять с него обвинения.

Не понятно их цитируемого сообщения криминальной хроники, кто и каким образом начал судебное прследование полицейского в ситуации вроде б не вызывашей сомнения в правомерности его действий. О том возмущается отставной офицер полиции:

    Jack Wilborn at Apr 14th 2010 9:41 AM

    As a retired law enforcement officer, I can not understand who had it in for this officer.

    This should not have been a courtroom discussion, the video clearly showed that the officer took the proper steps. Whoever brought charges against this officer should be tared, feathered and ran out of town for wasting the precious time, money and other items required in a trial, not to mention the stress on the officer.

    This man, a violent offender, should not have any firearm and when he stated he wanted to kill an officer, that should be enough!

    His only other option was to let him possibly kill another officer. We should be trying this district attorney for letting this proceed!

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