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Liberalism: Curable or Terminal?

by Joe Mariani. June 14, 2003

I've often wondered about the curability of Liberalism. I have no doubt that it can be classified as a mental disease, spread by corrupted memes. Memes are defined as "A unit of cultural information, such as a cultural practice or idea, that is transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another" (http://dictionary.reference.com/).

Sicialist Brain of Iiberal democrat

Memes are considered a cultural analogue to genes, and if that analogy is carried to its logical conclusion, can mutate as genes do.

When genes or memes mutate, however, the effect is more often harmful than beneficial. Like "bad" genes, corrupted, mutated memes can propagate traits that are harmful, like cultural equivalents of sickle-cell anemia, hemophilia, or Blue Rubber Bleb Nevus Syndrome (ok, I never heard of it either... but trust me, it sounds much cooler than it is).

Some mutations are carried on because they once had a benefit that outweighed the harm they do. Sickle-cell anemia protects the sufferer from malaria -- better to be anemic than dead! Malaria was common, and relatively untreatable, for most of human history... but NOW sickle-cell anemia has no redeeming protective ability due to modern medicine. Similarly, Liberalism once had a purpose. At one time, "classic" Liberalism meant protecting and spreading freedom, being generous to less fortunate people and countries, and caring for all people, everywhere. Those are good values, which deserved to be passed on to future generations. However, somewhere along the way, a corrupted subspecies of Liberalism took root and grew... and has become the dominant strain.

Libearalism is a mental desorder, not a philosophy

As simply as I can put it, Modern Liberals firmly believe that the average person is a danger to himself and others. They believe that the purpose of government is to protect us all... not from external enemies, but from internal enemies... inside our heads. Liberals believe that people need to be protected from themselves; that they are incapable of making rational decisions; that people are sheep who need to be led. And they believe that they, the Liberals, are the proper shepherds. Liberals have a complete disdain for the "common herd", and show it in every plan they acclaim, in every law they propose, and in every phrase they utter.

Liberals have an unhealthy fear of human differences, and yet also have a hatred of the "normal". For instance, they believe that people -- and by "people", they mean "you" -- are not capable of responsible gun ownership, because you just might go wild and shoot someone, controlled by something scary inside your head that you don't even know is there, and can't fix. They believe that you, if you ever had ancestors from Africa, are unable to compete on an equal basis with people of European descent -- nor can you females compete on the same level as males, nor any of you non-white-males compete with white males equally. They believe that you need to be helped, protected, given advantages, and consoled (with money) when you fail. They believe that you white males are full of secret hatreds that you don't even realise you harbor, and that you need to be trained not to express -- and if you DO express your "wrong" opinions, it can cause actual harm to others. Liberals believe that as children, you should all be taught that you are no different than anyone else -- no winners, no losers, no ranking, no grades, no pass, no fail, no punishments and no rewards -- and then want you to "celebrate your diversity". Is this not the sign of some kind of mental disease?

Rational people, uninfected by Liberalism, know that Americans have always been able to own guns, and only the crazies or criminals abuse that right -- and that banning guns would not remove those elements from society. Rational people know that skin color and ancestry are immaterial when it comes to intelligence and potential -- both distributed evenly throughout the human race. Above all, rational people know that LIFE IS NOT FAIR... that in any field of human endeavor, some people will rise above others, and that life is competitive. Why do Liberals want to cripple children by lying to them about life instead of preparing them for it? It's the sign of a mental disease. Do you wonder why school shootings have become so common? It's what happens when those coddled kids raised in an unrealistic world, believing that everyone's the same, get a bloody nose when they run into the reality that the good-looking football players get to date the cheerleaders, and they don't.

Fortunately, I believe that kind of Liberalism is curable. Many people infected with it learn as they get older that life just doesn't work that way. Others can be cured by "intervention", but that takes a great deal of patience. Those sorts of Liberals aren't the truly dangerous ones, however... it's the Radical Liberals that need to be stopped.

Liberalism desorder. Reagan

Radical Liberals are the ones that want to interfere -- via the government -- in every aspect of your daily life. They want to ban Oreo cookies because the fat in them is bad for children. They want to sue McDonald's because their food makes you fat. They also want to institute a "fat tax" on televisions, junk food, and cars... the idea being that you won't sit and watch TV with a bag of Cheetos, and you'll walk to the store instead of driving. How much do these people want the government to run your life for you? The answer is: TOTALLY. They want to replace your flush toilet with a chemical toilet, and return you to the days of "thunder mugs" and chamber pots, which have to be emptied by hand. They believe that YOU are not capable of running your own life, and want the government to force you to do everything their way. No choices for you -- you will inevitably make the "wrong" one!

It gets even worse. Radical liberals founded and control the American Civil Liberties Union, which pretends to defend the civil rights OF Americans, but actually defends the indefensible FROM Americans. For instance, the ACLU defended that Muslim convert that insisted she be allowed to wear a veil for her driver's license photo, totally obviating the reason for HAVING a photo license -- to be able to identify the licensee. They want to ban the Pledge of Allegiance altogether. They seek to ban any display of Christian symbolism, while defending the display of any other kind of religious symbolism. Their worst crime is defending NAMBLA, the North American Man-Boy Love Association. That's right, the ACLU is on the side of a group whose entire purpose is to share tips on how to commit illegal -- not to mention horribly immoral -- acts against children, and how to get away with it.

Radical Liberalism is a mental disease, and one that could be fatal -- not to the Liberals, but to America. If someone approaches you with a radical liberal idea, protect yourself from the dangerous, corrupt memes with common sense and rational argument! Don't let them tangle you up in moral equivalencies, emotional appeals, strawman attacks and other methods of Liberal arguments. You can fight against the spread of this mental sickness!

Liberakism - head up ass

My biggest worry is this: if Liberalism becomes correctly classified as a mental illness, are they going to claim special rights, priveleges, and Federal funding? Are there going to be programs to force businesses to hire their quota of Liberals, under the "Americans with Disabilities Act"?

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