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Позиция №1 в списке книг-бестселлеров: "Культура коррупции: Обама и его команда",

Malkin Obama Amazon Bestseller 072909

Книга вышла из печати два дня назад - 27 июля - и в первый же день в буквальном смысле этого слова "взлетела" на первое место в списке бестселлеров Amazon. Ниже отзыв на книгу одного из первых ее читателей:

Malkin Obama Amazon

    I bought this book yesterday, and could not put it down. There was a lot of information in it that I had heard on the news, and a lot I did not know about. Seeing it all together made me angry, and left me wondering how we, as a people, can take our country back from the crooked politicians who enter "public" service solely to get rich. It's disgusting. Obama had a lot of pretty words during his campaign, but he is absolutely just as corrupt as the worst career politician. And the people he has surrounded himself with are there for their own enrichment. These people want to control every aspect of our society, and they do not care anything about the best interests of the people. People need to stop being apathetic, and pay attention to what's going on. Obama and his Democratic congress plan to change our government and society in ways I suspect many people can't even imagine.

    Frightening look at the dark side of politics, By M. Scott. July 28, 2009

Картинка, расположенная ниже, представляект собой линк на блог, где подобраны телевыступления Мишель Малкин по теме книги:

Malkin Obama Amazon Wordpress


Ccылка по теме: две партии Америки в лицах женшин, которые их чаще иных представляют на публике

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